Win a Have a Cup of Tea Poster from Joy Goldstein Studio

A few weeks ago I shared a print by Joy Goldstein on Facebook which proved to be quite popular with my followers. So I invited Joy to host a giveaway of that print here on Smitten by Britain. She has generously agreed and has written the post below to tell us a bit more about herself and her business. – Melissa

My name is Joy Goldstein and two years ago I decided to start my own business doing freelance graphic design, commissioned paintings, and selling posters and fine art in my Etsy shop. During that time I was getting quite burned out working for an advertising and marketing agency, and wanted to try something different. My husband and I were also thinking about our future. We both agreed that I would be a stay-at-home mom, while striving to build a small business that satisfies my passion for art and design.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, JoyGoldsteinStudio, LLC opened in June 2012. Since then I have learned a great deal and have spent my days wearing many hats, growing the business and expanding my services. One week I am designing a logo or brochure for a client, the next I am in my painting apron with brushes and paint. I find it amazingly satisfying working one-on-one with people, getting to know them, building relationships, and being able to help them with their creative needs. I feel every project is something very special I am privileged to work on.

With my shop on Etsy, I try to create fun, unique and charming posters and designs that will serve as thoughtful gifts, decorations for the home and most importantly bring a smile to many faces. The print that is for this giveaway, “Have A Cup of Tea” stems from my delight in British culture and style.

If you saw me in person, you would probably wonder “Why is this small Filipino lady so into British stuff?” It started out when I was a young girl. People would ask me all the time why my last name was “Wilson” (which is now my middle name; my last name is now Goldstein, which is another funny situation at times). 

The story goes that my great-great grandfather, John Parker Wilson, was an Englishman, born on December 22, 1849 in Liverpool, England. He grew up to work as an engineer of steamships, and eventually moved to the Philippines where he established a company for the construction and repair of these vessels. He accepted many jobs from Juan Rodriguez, who owned several ships. My great-great-grandfather fell in love with Rodriguez’s daughter, my great-great grandmother Josefa Rodriguez. They married and then had children who had children, who then had more children in the Philippines. Right before he passed away, he moved to Scotland and spent his last days there. Pretty neat story right?

I have been very lucky to have this information, thanks to one of my relatives who kept track of all our family members and their stories. Heritage and family history in general has always fascinated me. So in part, my British love comes from my own British heritage. The rest just came naturally, my love of travel, history, tea, London, blazers, the movie Braveheart, Downton Abbey, etc.

I think growing up with a mix of cultures, my Filipino culture, American culture, and learning about my family’s past gives me a deep appreciation for all peoples and places. These are all things that continue to inspire me everyday, in my posters and art.

Now at 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl on the way, my husband and I are looking forward to passing on our history and culture to our daughter, and hopefully for generations to come.

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Joy is giving away her “Have a Cup of Tea”  11 x 14 print to one lucky winner on Smitten by Britain.

Here’s how to enter:

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The winning entry will be chosen the following Monday.

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Disclosure:  The artist gave me a copy of this print as a thanks for hosting this giveaway.


  1. Bentley Clark says

    This is my favorite of your prints. I like to imagine a British granny with a cuppa just for me at the end of an interminable day.

  2. Elisa Acker Grimes says

    This is such a cute print! It sure would look nice just about anyway but preferably the dinning room. :-)

  3. Jennifer says

    I would love to own this print! It is lovely and has quite the British attitude,which I love. I am an anglophile or, I like to think, a misplaced Englishwoman. My birthday is this Monday and it’s a big one, so this photo would be a nice present!

  4. Beverly says

    I loved this print at first sight and love it even more each time I see it. <3. It would make me smile to have it in my home to enjoy each day. Lovely ! Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck to all!

  5. Sandy Chamberlain says

    I’d be delighted to see Have a Cup of Tea poster hanging on and in my next kitchen wall. As an Aussie living in USA and are about to relocate to live in a London borough in 2015; providing the perfect print theme for this kitchen area! Please pick “ME” Joy!

  6. Kate says

    I loved reading your wonderful life story – best to you as you embark on both your new business venture and your new life adventure!!!! I love the poster, by the way! Keep creating such fun pieces…a series of tea cup posters that could be grouped together???? :)


    I am an ex-pat from London, living in NYC for 30 years & VERY homesick. The current winter in the Northeast has been extremely challenging this year, but I’ve been getting through it…o e cup of tea at a time!


    I am an ex-pat from London, living in NYC for 30 years & VERY homesick. The current winter in the Northeast has been extremely challenging this year, but I’ve been getting through it…one cup of tea at a time!

  9. Debbie Carney says

    Congrat’s on your baby daughter, best wishes and tons of happiness and love.
    I lived in ENGLAND for 5 yrs, (wish I had stayed lol) I love everything British and only drink tea. LOVE this poster and already have a spot to put it .
    Hoping I’m lucky

  10. Carroll says

    With all the snow we’ve had recently in NYC, a nice hot cup of tea us just the thing to warm the cockles of my heart. Green tea chai is a current favourite!!

  11. Alicia Wheeler says

    Ooooooo…I know just where it will go as we have a little tea space set up in the office now since one of our employees makes and sells her own brews :)

    P.S. I am LOVING your posts and always get excited when a new one pops up in my FB feed.

  12. Sally Fentress says

    Although American by birth, I’m sure I was British in a past life and have never quite gotten over it. Your wonderful poster seems made just for me!

  13. Marie Casner says

    In 1983, we moved our young family to London for a job. We stayed for six years and loved every minute of it. Last June, we brought our 13 year old granddaughter on her first trip abroad to London. She was so taken with it, it was hard to get her into the plane to go home. She is a tea drinker AND her last name is “Wilson”. My son-in-law is a Scot. She would love this poster.

  14. Isis Glass says

    Having just returned from a trip to London, this brings back such wonderful memories of my short but amazing visit to this vibrant, historic and cultural city. London is by far, my favorite city to visit!

  15. Ursula Haigh says

    Loved reading your short bio. Congrats on your business endeavor & new baby girl! I’d be gobsmacked to win such a lovely print that pairs a few of my favorite things so perfectly- tea, teapots, Mad about plaid !! & the colour turquoise

  16. Alison says

    I love this. I shared it on my Facebook page a week or so ago, and I got so many comments. This print would be perfect in my house because I’m a huge anglophile!

  17. Pamela says

    Joy: Such a charming poster! And you’re clearly a talented writer as well. Thank you for sharing your story and your art.

  18. jonquil says

    Congratulations on the newness moving into your lives. Really enjoyed reading the Story of You. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Emily says

    I wanted to buy this from the Etsy shop but was sold out! I would love to win this for my mum, an avid tea drinker!

  20. Lola says

    I love the “Have a Cup of Tea Poster” and well know that a cup of tea will solve almost all problems. I would love to have this poster for my dining room wall.

  21. Wenonah says

    My fondest memories are of my grandmother drinking a cup of tea each afternoon. She would have loved this print and so do I!

  22. Beth Orchard says

    I lived in London for 9 months, I want to decorate my future baby room with your beautiful graphics.

  23. Debs says

    I am a dedicated tea in the morning drinker-chasing after PG Tips here in FL keeps me busy! I love this print, it would look wonderful in our kitchen just above my tea kettle and tins of teas. My birthday is next week. Might have to treat myself…Thanks so much for your work, i have been enjoying it on Etsy.

  24. Pat Ligon says

    My Mum was a bus conductress in the city of London during the bombing in World War II. She taught me the tea ritual early and I have followed it my entire life. She used to say: “Tea warms you up in winter and cools you down in summer. Tea is a wonderful way to welcome company and to make you feel better if you are sad.” Her grandchildren here in Texas are carrying on the tradition and even the smallest members of our family enjoy a “cuppa” – a small cup with mostly milk and a tinge of tea. Your picture reminds me of my Mum and I smile when I remember her and her tea.

  25. says

    I loved reading about your family history- interesting and sweet :) Having rights to residency in both the USA and the UK, I am split between the two worlds and have trouble naming one over the other as home. I love both America and the UK and therefore I love barbecue and TEA!!!! Thank you for making these lovely pieces of art that so many of us will cherish; they definitely have the spirit of the UK that just warms our hearts.


  26. susan e says

    A cup of English tea is my refuge and saviour at the end of the day. I live in California but my cup of tea takes me home to England where I long to be. The sound of the kettle boiling takes me back to better times.

  27. Jo Ann says

    big hug and a warm welcome. enjoyed your story and love your print. grew up in a family of tea drinkers as we are from england. now my son and husband are big tea drinkers. we recently bought a little place in the countryside of ny in the woods. i would be honored to win and place your print in my little kitchen. thank you for the opportunity to win an adorable print. take care!!

  28. Elizabeth Thums says

    What a wonderful story as to why you love British culture…it’s always wonderful to have family heritage and history to go along with love of something :) I love your print, I’m especially drawn to the plaid. It would be a perfect addition to hang above a favorite cozy tea drinking area in a home (especially during these cold winter days).

  29. Carleen says

    Bring on the tea!! Great memories of visiting mom’s friends with her and being invited to join them for tea…pink tea they called mine…mostly milk but tea is still my beverage of choice.

  30. Kris! says

    Love the poster, looking forward to looking at your Etsy site. Congratulations on the forthcoming daughter!

  31. Betty Square-Briggs says

    I follow your posts on Facebook and always find they cheer me up and make me miss England even more all at the same time :)

  32. Donna says

    I would love to have this cute print although I would have to hide it from my best friend…she might take it. :)

  33. Valarie says

    I love British everything, even married the self-dubbed “World’s Tallest Beatles Fan,” teach British Lit., and honeymooned in London! We would love to drink our tea in Tennessee while looking at this gorgeous print!

  34. Kelli Chavez says

    looking at my last name now you’d never know I come from a looooong line of Brits….but I do…both sides of the family….and I love my tea with milk… Nana taught me that this is the only way to drink tea….my email is

  35. Vicki W says

    The print is wonderful and a fun reminder how much we like camomile tea! It would like great in our CA house…we have a room with British influence!!

  36. LA Whitehead says

    What a cute story, concept & poster! I have half & half Filipino family in Canada! They are all exceptionally cute too! Lol!

  37. Tera Stock says

    Love hearing the story of anothers background! My aunt spent a lot if time researching our family’s ancestry and it was fun to read through.
    Love your passion for creativity as well! I look forward to future posts!
    Thank you for offering the opportunity to win the print :)

  38. Katie Dixon says

    I love the teacup print! Before I read anything I knew it had a British influence. Very good work! I collect teapots and all things tea related . As it is a way to remember my mom and our tea parties when I was a little girl.

  39. ROSARIO says

    Just beautiful artwork,beautiful meaning of love and life. I just love everything about it and also your life story which also started with love and maybe a cup of tea with this John Parker, a handsome British sailor.

  40. Julie says

    Just had my afternoon cuppa with a slice of home made chocolate cake. Would love the print- a little bit of Scotland with the British tea.

  41. Robi says

    L<3VE this – beautiful story and work of art! :) Would look amazingly cute in my kitchen corner (which is dreadfully lacking art at the moment!) :( Thanks for the contest!

  42. Pam Scott says

    I enjoyed reading about your heritage. My mother has researched our heritage. It is amazing what she has found.

  43. Lisa frye says

    This is great sums up us British good news or bad,a cuppa always makes it better ,the kettle never gets cold back home in England ,I’d love this for my kitchen ,as I have a tea making area just for me

  44. Michelle V. says

    Thanks for sharing your story and your lovely art with us. The tea print makes me feel cozy just. Y looking at it.

  45. Sharon Tidbury says

    Love the picture and it’s very appropriate for me. After 20 years living in the US I think all expats should now how to get a good cup of tea in the USA – it took me 10 years to work this out – when ordering tea ensure you ask for English breakfast tea as if you don’t specify you’ll receive Lipton which seems to be the default tea for most locations & usually pretty poor. Ever since I’ve done this I’ve nearly always been able to get a decent cup!

  46. Cindy says

    I would love to win this! My mum always said this! I am 48 years old and live in USA and she lives in UK. I miss her and this reminds me so much of her and when I was younger….

  47. Paul O'Leary says

    As a Brit living in the US, I have my whole office at work full of Brit nostalgia, posters, framed picture of Her Majesty, phone boxes, post boxes, stamps, etc this would make an excellent addition!

  48. says

    I would love to win such a great print. I’ve checked out your Etsy shop (where I have one as well). Beautiful, beautiful prints! Thank you so much for letting us enter. :)

  49. Betty M says

    I love your work and I love your story… thank you so much for sharing. Congrats on your baby!!! How exciting! :) Tea is a part of my daily routine and I would love to have one of your prints to go in my house. What a fabulous give-a-way.

  50. Tammy Andrews says

    My British hubby converted me to “cuppas” many years ago. My MIL uses this exact saying quite often. Would love to have this in my home.

  51. Joy Goldstein says

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your wonderful, funny, and heart-warming comments and sharing your stories as well! I have looked forward to reading these posts everyday now and am touched by all of you. I wish everyone the best of luck! Kindest regards – Joy Goldstein

  52. says

    I’m redoing my office at work (buying my OWN furniture, etc.) because I figure if I have to spend that much time there, I should enjoy the space. And my colors are exactly the ones in the print…black furniture, orange polka dot curtains, various tins and buckets I’ve painted teal and an original piece of art by moi (did I mention I’m the art director at a small magazine?) or a girl’s legs in a flirty teal and orange skirt. This would be a perfect addition to my office wall. I could admire it as I sit and sip tea from my “American born, British at heart” mug.

  53. Margaret Kitson says

    Love this print. I remember my English mother in law fondly-asking me if I would like a cup of tea, love. :)

  54. Barbara L says

    My husband was from England and I am a lover of all things English…I cherish things that remind me of him and England!

  55. Ann Langley Richmond says

    Love this print. Live in Texas but am from London. I need this for my kitchen/breakfast area.

  56. Jeanette Krebs says

    Love your story. I too am the family genealogist for my family and my husband’s family. I quite enjoy it.