Win a Copy of Foyle’s War Set 7 on DVD

An all-new 3-episode series of Foyle’s War is coming to PBS September 2013 but in the meantime you can enter to win a copy of Foyle’s War Set 7 on DVD.

foyles war set 7 on dvd

As the enormously popular mystery series returns, World War II is over, but the Cold War simmers in 1946 London. DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen, Out of Africa) has retired from police work when Britain’s secret intelligence service compels him to join its ranks.

Reunited with his former colleague, newlywed Sam Wainwright (Honeysuckle Weeks, My Brother Tom), Foyle faces new—but no less deadly—threats in the world of spies and counterintelligence.

These three exciting new stories for FOYLE’S WAR will show a man working at the forefront of a changing, difficult and dangerous new world. The Second World War may be over, but Foyle’s career goes on…


The Eternity Ring

Fresh from a stay in America, Foyle encounters MI5 agents Hilda Pierce and Arthur Valentine, who draw him into the hunt for a suspected Russian spy ring. As part of his investigation, Foyle reconnects with Sam, now working for a nuclear scientist and married to political candidate Adam Wainwright.

The Cage

Looking into the deaths of several high-ranking Russian defectors, Foyle finds ties to the apparent suicide of an unidentified Russian man and the disappearance of a young woman. His search leads him to a government listening station that may not be what it appears.


When an MI5 intelligence asset fears for his life, Foyle must protect the ex-Nazi from assassination attempts—and American authorities. Meanwhile, new MP Adam tries to help a farmer reclaim his land and uncovers information that could threaten his career

Here is how to enter:

1. Must be living in the U.S.
2. Must leave a comment on this blog (no social media entries allowed.)
3. Comment must include your email address. (Please make sure to check your junk mail folder for winning email.)
4. Share this post on social media please.
5. Enter by Friday, Sept. 13th at midnight EST.

Good luck!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this DVD for review.


  1. says

    Foyle’s War is one of my favorite series from Great Britain, and I have quite honestly looked at all the episodes so many times, that a new addition would be welcome. Michael Kitchens, whose work I became aware of in Out of Africa, makes his DCS Foyle no less winning. Minimalist delivery, his wit, and independent spirit make the series very easy to watch again and again, as he tells whoever or whatever to piss off in his own way, very much the way we’d all like to do! A winner.

  2. says

    I would like to be foiled again by Foyle’s War. These days, going to the Imperial War Museum in London, on a visit from New York, gives me a glimpse of remembrance of the times during World War II, the houses we lived in, the radios we listened to, the cold bedrooms we slept in, the iron shelters we slept under, if we were lucky enough to have them in our homes, and being carried into them from our beds as young children, the scary times of blackouts, and day times when we giggled and said ‘got any gum, chum’ to people we thought were Americans….and the whispers we heard among the adults of what was going on around us…..but our bodies took in the messages of the war….

    • Sheri says

      I have adopted England as my second home and love so many things about her! Every Saturday, I spend the evening enjoying our local PBS channel that airs a variety of British shows! On Monday it’s Foyle’s War! :)

  3. Jessica says

    Love Foyle’s War!! One of my most favorite shows. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Would love to win the dvd set for series 7.

  4. Andy Kay says

    One more try at winning! Love Foyles War and i’m looking forward to a new season on PBS, but need to check it’s on our local PBS station.

  5. says

    I am so smitten by Britain that I’ve passed the gene along to my daughter! Have adored all the Foyle’s War seasons, but haven’t seen season 7. That plus a new one this fall? Hooray! (Something to watch until Downton returns :)

    Joanne (

  6. Kathleen says

    Love the series. I need to get caught up on Series 6 as I missed a couple of episodes, but I would love a pre-PBS peek at Season 7. Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle (love her name!) Weeks are always fun to see; my only complaint is I miss the handsome Anthony Howell as Milner.

  7. says

    I JUST discovered this series and I’m currently on series 2 with hopes to get through series 6 before the 15th! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  8. Mary says

    How interesting that Foyle is returning from American in this series. Wonder if that has an impact on the series. I am quite eager to see how Sam is doing working for a nuclear scientist and married. I don’t see her as being the typical politician’s wife!

  9. Paul Addison says

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series. I’ve also enjoyed seeing Foyle (I mean, Michael Kitchen) as the King of England in the British version of “House of Cards”. Do I need to add that I would also enjoy Set 7 of “Foyle’s War” on DVD?

  10. Roger Summers says

    Foyle’s War is my kind of war.

    And he does battle in my kind of way — quietly, confidently.

    When I win, I will be able to beat this harsh Texas heat by remaining indoors under the AC and watching Foyle over and over and over and . . .

  11. Louise Le Mottee says

    I’m a big fan of Foyle’s War and must win this prize to send back home to Australia to all my impoverished friends and relations!

  12. Laurie says

    My favorite series. I confess to having watched reruns of reruns. Although it’s completely engrossing, it’s never jarring. And Michael Kitchen is so understatedly perfect. I’d love to have the series.

  13. Mike says

    Can’t wait for the next season to start Sunday. Have followed and loved it from the beginning. Kitchen is the best. So looking forward to it.

  14. Janet says

    I’m a huge fan of Foyle’s War and of Anthony Horowitz and Michael Kitchen. I’ve watched it from its first broadcast in America and still watch every episode several times. Their work sets the standard. Thank you for bringing them back.

  15. Jennifer Lau says

    Foyle’s War is a series that masterfully blends history and mystery together, with a top notch cast, brilliant writing and an atmospheric score.

    ~ (

  16. Joanna Bell says

    My husband and I have watched the Foyle’s War series several times and are never disappointed. It is our favorite way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I love watching a different time period than what I am accustomed to as well as watching a show from a different culture. Looking forward to the new series!

  17. Diana says

    Foyles War; Life can’t get any better than a marathon. Wish there were more episodes to get me to the next showing. But I can watch the reruns over and over.
    Michael Kitchen is a true artiste. Honeysuckle is the perfect sidekick, I hope they stay together, and create several more series.

  18. Brenda Birdow says

    Michael Kitchens is truly the coolest of the cool ! I greatly enjoy ‘Foyle’s War’ and it is primarily because of Mr Kitchen’s portrayal of ‘Foyle’. Also superb writing indeed. I am a huge (huge!!) fan of British dramas and absolutely no one can beat British comedy–no one !! Thank you folks ‘across the pond’ for decades (and decades) of great viewing pleasure via PBS Masterpiece, BBC America, Netflix – and, of course, via my recent discovery of Acorn !!

    Y’all are awesomely brilliant!! TTFN !!

  19. Carol King says

    I love the Foyle’s War series! And the chance to win Season 7 is wonderful! I agree that the Brit’s mysteries and comedies are hands down the best!

  20. Mary R Chafin says

    Wonderful series. I heard Dame Judy Dentch speak of how much she liked Foyle’s War and Michael Kitchen and decided to watch it. I’ve been hooked ever since. I love it!

  21. Duane says

    This is an absolutely wonderful series. The characters, stories are unmatched, and Michael Kitchen’s character is without equal in anything today. I love the wit of the show. Keep it coming!

  22. Anne says

    I LOVE Foyle’s War!!! I HAVE to agree and often tell others that the Brits have definitely beat us in drama, comedies, and talent! I own the set of Series 1-6, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Series 7! Michael Kitchen is PHENOMENAL! Thank you for making such quality drama and period pieces! Thanks for ALL of it! God bless the U.K.!

  23. Barb says

    I am hoping that some mention will be made that Foyle went to America and brought Howard Paige to justice. Would love to add this set to our other Foyle DVDs. sbsalzer at gmail dot com

  24. Dany Callahan says

    I am a fan of Foyles War, Morse, Midsomer Murders (which are not currently in US) Also enjoy all the series programming. PBS is our go to channel on Sundays.

  25. Paul Burgio says

    The layers of plot combined with superb performances by everyone involved with production, make Foyle’s War a series to be watched repeatedly!

  26. says

    My husband & I just discovered Folye a few weeks ago…one episode was all it took! It is now one of our favorites! We started to worry because we are half way through the series on Acorn already! Gasp! What will we do when there are NO MORE LEFT? Whew! Good to know we are saved, at least for a while! Here’s to another 3 more witty, wild episodes of Folye!

  27. Rosa says

    Foyle’s War is possibly the best television show ever aired. I showed it to my husband and now he is as addicted as I am. The only down side is the end of the series!

  28. William Godfrey says

    I have been watching Foyle’s War since the beginning and positively love the Series. I am so anxious for next Sunday when the new episodes after the War will start airing. I will definitely be watching. I think the characters in the Series are fantastic and s well played by the Actors. Thank you.

  29. says

    So excited by the entrance of season 7. Foyle is simply my favorite series in the entire world. As a part-time worker, there is no extra money for luxuries like purchasing DVD sets. It would be a real thrill and an early Christmas present to enjoy these episodes in my home. Thanks for considering me for this honor.

  30. Sharon Stern says

    I look forward to each and every Foyle’s War episode with great anticipation! Michael Kitchen’s performances are just perfect and the supporting cast is endearing, also. I can’t wait to view the newest season!

  31. Suzi Stone says

    Love Foyle’s War….my husband and I have watched it from the beginning at least 3 times….Adore British TV….Foyle, Lynley, Lewis….Sunday night Masterpiece Mystery is a “sacred time” in our house…..(although that spunky Australian, Miss Fisher has won me over too!)

  32. marlene f says

    My dear Dad who passed away in April at the ripe old age of 93 was a big fan of Foyle’s War. My favourite times were spent on a Sunday preparing his dinner then sitting down to watch several episodes of Foyle. He lived through WW2 and was in fact a Prisoner of War for 2 years. He said the planes & the costumes & sets were very realistic. In his memory I would love to win this new series.

  33. Marc Klein says

    Thank goodness for Netflix or i would have never discovered this amazing program. The entire cast is amazing and the writing, direction, and cinematography are top notch. I would love to win the seventh season.

  34. Edward Walker Pirie says

    My wife and I have enjoyed Foyle’s War and are anxiously awaiting the next series of episodes. Being a fly fisherman myself, I am always tickled when I see Foyle casting a line or tying flies. The series is especially well done, the actors are perfect – just a treat to watch and it shows you that television can be well done.
    thank you
    Ed Pirie,

  35. jerry Touchton says

    Foyles War is a period drama that I really love! I like Foyle’s integrity and demeanor. No matter what people try to do to influence him for their selfish purposes he sticks to the law and avoids favoritism. The historical setting is well done. His investigations are always fascinating; finding out who the bad guy (or girl) is keeps you interested the whole time. Highly recommended!

  36. Martin says

    As a Brit living in the US, I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for this wonderful show. Michael Kitchen is perfectly cast as Foyle, an olde worlde detective with the uncanny ability to find truths. My US wife is totally addicted, and we have revisited the previous DVDs on many occassions. We would love to complete our collection, and certainly hope that life with Foyle will continue for many more years ahead. Thank you for this opportunity from a happy Brit in PA.

  37. Pam Mahon says

    Watch British TV almost exclusively and Foyle’s War is one of our favorites! So excited to have the story continue and would love to own Season 7.

  38. Kathy Lausted says

    Foyle’s War has been so enjoyable to watch. Michael Kitchen portrays Inspector Foyle so well that I think he is a real person. I hate it when each episode is over and then the series was over.

  39. Peyton says

    I have watched SO many British series … am a huge fan of Morse and Lewis and Upstairs Downstairs and Downton … but Foyle’s War is by far my favorite. I savor every episode, and am even looking forward to re-watching when it finally, sadly, comes to a close. The characters, the stories, the history, the locale, and – mostly – the incredible acting are stunning. My sincere thanks to all involved in the production of this great series. I am a HUGE fan!

  40. Carey Russell says

    I love the show. My mom brought it over while I was recovering from surgery and we wound up watching all six sets in less than a week. I can’t wait to see Set 7 and I am recording Set 8.

  41. says

    Foyle’s War may be my all time favorite television series and at 75 I have seen a lot of television. I have been watching the first six seasons over and over and am beyond thrilled that Michael Kitchen is returning as Christopher Foyle in three new adventures. Having Honeysuckle Weeks is a lovely extra treat. I cannot wait until Sunday night, and have already warned friends and family I will not answer the phone so don’t bother calling. I do not want the mood or my enchantment shattered. Just can’t wait!

  42. Sally says

    Foyle’s War was a masterwork. Loved each session. So glad there is now a new series, with the same great actors. Am looking forward eagerly to viewing!

  43. says

    DCS Foyle is the perfect British gentleman and a great policeman. Polite and not haughty. Bright but not pushy. Understated – sort of like a duck, floating serenely on the surface, but paddling away, unseen, below. He is the kind of guy that I’d like to share an afternoon on a bank fishing with, and perhaps a pint afterwards.

  44. Susan says

    My 80 year old mother and I are eagerly awaiting season 7. We have watched seasons 1-6 repeatedly and never tire of this fabulous show. Hastings is definetly on the itinerary for our next British trip.

  45. Erika Clarendom says

    My husband and I are simply addicted to this show. It started with a.. there is nothing better to watch to us staring at each other to tell the other we wanted to watch the next episode. We didn’t have to speak and we both just knew. Was so upset to see the series end… lucky woohoo another season!

  46. Kathy Pennell says

    I love Foyle’s War! My husband is trying to get our daughter to name her baby Honeysuckle in honor of Sam…it is not going well LOL! But we love the show anyway! Excited to see it back this Sunday!

  47. Joan says

    I love Foyle’s War and I’m excited for the new season. But super sad that there are only three episodes. –le sigh.


  48. Judy says

    Michael Kitchen is such a great actor and the perfect choice to play Christopher Foyle! And, I can’t imagine any other actress playing Sam! The show brings the history of WWII alive and gives young Britons and Americans a glimpse of that part of England during a time of total world upheaval. Every episode in the first six seasons was exciting, heart-wrenching, sad and hopeful. An amazing British work on what it really was like in England during WWII. I am very happy that another season has been filmed and look forward to seeing it on American PBS. Thank you to everyone who made Foyle’s War possible!

  49. Sarah says

    I love Foyles War. I don’t have an antenna to watch pbs right now. :-(. But with the new season coming I better find an antenna soon!

  50. Deanna says

    My husband and I really enjoy watching Foyle’s War — it’s one of the few shows we look forward to watching on television. There are few joys better than snuggling on the couch in the evening with your spouse, the cats, a mug of something warm, and settling in to watch a great drama series!

  51. Nancy Nadel says

    I adore Foyle’s War. It’s smart, exciting, and it educates and entertains me all at the same time.
    I can’t wait for the next season that I’ll be watching on Sunday nights at 8:00 on my local PBS channel in Southern California. But I can’t wait……………..

  52. Donald Romano says

    One of the best shows produced on television. Michael Kitchen has such subtle delivery, which is perfect for the show.

  53. Kathy Garness says

    Foyle’s War presents a modern approach to timeless moral dilemmas. Christopher Foyle is and remains my favorite detective.

  54. Christa says

    I absolutely LOVE Foyle’s War- my favorite show ever!! Such complex storylines and brilliant actors. I adore Michael Kitchen- he’s the best part of the show! Praying they keep making more!

  55. Edi North says

    I love Foyle’s War and have watched the first 6 series over and over. I am just wishing series 7 was more than three episodes. I miss it already. Love Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks.

  56. Rhonda Whiteman says

    Huzzah! So thrilled when I learned Foyle’s War had three new episodes!
    Eagerly anticipating newest series of Foyle’s War.

  57. Clay Silverness says

    Cozy Mysteries set in Wartime Hastings. Survive the first season and I guarantee 90% of you will be hooked.
    Episode One: The German Woman, is pretty dry but full of necessary character development. Episode Two: The White Feather will hook you if you are any kind of a WWII buff.


  58. MJ says

    My husband and I don’t have broadcast TV but we LOVE the DVDs of Foyle’s War. Someone gave them to us during a medical issue recovery and we’ve been hooked since…..We watch the series as in home movies, have given the DVDs as gifts and loaners to friends. We love Foyle and Sam and the others. It’s good to be made aware of, or reminded of, the issues that faced the US and England in wartime. And how some things never change.

  59. Mennette says

    Our whole family loves Foyle’s War. We have caught up on episodes we missed when they were first aired on Netflix and can’t wait for the new series to begin. Thanks for running a contest!

  60. Nancy Roberts says

    Foyle’s War has become my favorite series. The drama and the actors are great and I love the complexity of the plots and and the history lessons in every episode. I am looking forward to the next season with great anticipation.

  61. Dennis says

    DCS Foyle fights his own war. A War within a war against corrupt individuals, businesses and his own battle.
    The UK is embedded in a great war, the Yanks finally show up and Hitler is on the run. The stories are based on factual and historical happenings of the times. The characters are all first rate. This is a must see series!!!
    I have all the episodes on DVD and have watched them more than once.
    Way to go Acorn/BBC,

  62. Regina Szyszkiewicz says

    Even on the British Television, there are not many shows that are as brilliant as Foyle’s War. The writing, acting, directing, etc are superb and Michael Kitchen is the icing to the cake.

  63. Kay Abernethy says

    Like everyone else on here, I love Foyle’s War! Superb drama and superb actors. England has the best tv and the best actors! I rave about Foyle’s War to everyone who will listen to me here in North Carolina! I”m so grateful for my local PBS Station, UNC-TV, so I can see Foyle’s War. I can’t wait for the new season!

  64. Margaret Tow says

    I loved this series from the first one I watched. I loved it again when I shared it with my 70 year old father. My father is a quiet yet strong man, just like Foyle! He absolutely loves the series, although we have to put up the subtitles because it is difficult for us Alabamians to follow the British accent at time! We can hardly wait to see the new episodes.

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