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Based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife is a moving, intimate, funny and, above all, true-to-life look at the colorful stories of midwifery and families in East London in the 1950s. Don’t miss the chance to watch full episodes as they originally aired in the UK- only from BBC Home Entertainment

Jennie in Call the Midwife

When Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine, The Woman in Black) first arrives in Poplar, East London, she knows nothing about hardship, poverty or indeed, life itself. Attached to an order of nursing nuns at Nonnatus House, Jenny is part of a team of midwives who visit expectant mothers, providing the poorest women with the best possible care. Here, the streets teem with children and with only a single eight-bed maternity ward to serve the whole district, most deliveries take place at home.

The series follows Jenny as she travels through the streets to meet her patients – including Conchita, who is on her 25th pregnancy, and Mary, a prostitute and pregnant at just 15 years old. Along the way Jenny learns to admire the families she works with, as well as the sisters and fellow midwives who witness the daily drama of life in this vibrant community on the brink of huge social change. Narrated by Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave (Atonement, Girl, Interrupted) as the mature Jenny, Call the Midwife provides a fascinating look at personalized health care and the courage of mothers in any condition.

Written by Heidi Thomas (Cranford, Upstairs Downstairs), the first season of Call The Midwife attracted 10.7 million viewers for its peak episode during its premiere broadcast on BBC ONE in the UK, making it the highest-rated BBC new drama launch on record. A second season has been commissioned and will air in the UK and on PBS in America in 2013.

Call the Midwife DVD

Now’s your chance to win your own copy of Call the Midwife on DVD if you’re one of my U.S. readers.

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  1. M Peterson says

    This is the kind of British TV series I love best. Great characters and story, fantastic actors, vintage sets and costumes, and beautiful cinematography. I just love the show and can’t wait for next season.

  2. Anne Ihde says

    I absolutely love this show. Unfortunately I don’t always get a chance to watch it as it’s on PBS and they don’t do reruns – at least not that I can find. I was born in the UK and lived there until 1969 so it really, really makes me homesick.

  3. Monique says

    Absolutely love this series! My daughter will shortly be going to college to be a neo-natal nurse. Would love to give this to her as a gift!

  4. Paul Moore says

    I love this show! Old time shows you just cannot beat, we need most of them… Lots of shows out today do not have enough character and are too false feeling… Being in America I really enjoy watching these type of shows, it makes me feel close to the morherland…

  5. Danielle says

    I just LOVE this series (as well as Cranford). I would love to show it/share it with my mom on her visits. Thank you for a chance to win it!

  6. jennifer says

    I’ve heard about this series and would love to see it. I’m a fan of Miranda Hart, her tv series was hysterical and it would be nice to see her in a different way. Thanks!

  7. Ann Phillips says

    When i was at home we did not have TV but now i am in the USA i watch the programs every week but i have not seen this one and i have PBS, i am 80 yr old but would like to see it as i got married in the 50s so its my era time

  8. Marion says

    I throughly enjoyed this program just cannot wait for it to come back on in the New Year. I watch this on PBS in Fort Worth, TX that is where I see most of the British shows that I watch. Also they have some good programs on BBC America.

  9. Martha says

    I absolutely loved this series! I can not wait for the Christmas special and looking forward to a series 2. I’d love to win a copy!!! Thanks so much for all of your postings on Facebook makes me really want to live in England. Merry Christmas!!

  10. Bob Fretwell says

    This is such a great show! Kept telling my wife she should watch it but didn’t she didn’t listen until later. So I got to watch it a second time when she finally did.

  11. Jennifer says

    An amazing show! I love that it’s narrated by Vanessa Redgrave and who doesn’t love Chummy!

  12. Stacey Burnaroos says

    Oh My husband and I really loved this series, and can’t wait for the contiuation coming soon as I understand. I appreciate getting the info re thenname of the author,cas I would really love to read the book. I would love to have my name in the hat to win a copy of this fantastic CD set!!! Merry Christmas to you my friendxo

  13. Penny says

    This is one of my favorite UK period dramas. The actors and actresses are brilliant! The story lines provide such intimate insight to life in East London in the 1950′s. Cannot wait for it to air in the US! Would LOVE to win a cop of the DVD. (

  14. Kayla Flewelling says

    Howdy! My name is Kayla, my email is

    Good luck to everyone in the giveaway! If I happen to be lucky and win this I will give it to my friend, Cassaundra, who is a wonderful midwife!

  15. Debi Kirksey says

    I’ve heard so much about this show that I would love a copy! You have the best give-always!

  16. Betsy in CA says

    I just heard about this program a few days ago and already looking forward to the Christmas special. Would love the DVDs to catch up! Thanks!

  17. Pamela Mkhaimer says

    This is such a wonderful series, true to life. Makes you feel as if you are watching everything in person, from a distance. I love the characters which are portrayed beautifully!

  18. Pamela Mkhaimer says

    Wonderful series! The characters are well drawn & beautifully portrayed. I can’t wait for the Christmas program & of course, the next series.

  19. T says

    Loved this show! So grateful to PBS. Can’t wait or the Christmas episode on 30th December! Thanks, Melissa! :)

  20. Miriam says

    We watched Miranda Hart’s sitcom at our ( seattle) UK Telly fan group so I was looking forward to seeing this series and I wasn’t disappointed. And I love that there are UK series that feature “mature” women-the nuns are like a Whos who of UK dramas.

  21. Tracy Wells says

    I’ve enjoyed this series so much, but I’ve missed several episodes because it airs at the same time as EastEnders. I’d love to be able to see all the episodes I missed!

  22. Anita says

    I watched “Call the Midwife” on my local PBS station from the very first episode. It’s a well written and very compelling series. I hope to watch many more episodes of this wonderful show.

  23. Gina Rodriguez says

    I started watching this show and I love it! It’s so interesting and keeps me waiting for the next episode. I can’t wait to watch the series in its entirety.