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*My latest giveaway is from a small UK company called Busy Being. I have invited its owner Thea to tell you a little about herself and the idea behind her business. Be sure to check out her fabulous patriotic items and enter her sponsored giveaway below!

Busy Being logo

Busy Being came about after I stopped work five years ago to have my son. I knew I’d be an employers’ worst nightmare – a young mum with a child (and plans to have more!), so felt the only thing to do was to start my own business. I’d seen so many friends struggle with managing work and young children, and just didn’t want that to be me.

It didn’t start off as posters and typographic products. I started selling hand made baby hats and toys on a market stall. It felt quite disheartening. Markets in the UK can be miserable (it always rains and is freezing cold – even in summer!). So I started my first poster design aimed as gifts for new babies, to sell alongside my other baby gifts, Busy Being….a Boy, and Busy Being….a Girl. And those took off so much that it just went from there. I had so many people coming up and saying “Why don’t you do a Busy Being….a Mum/Dad/Grandma…. ?”, the lists were endless. I feel the range has great scope for expanding. We now have 16 designs in the range on our website, and loads more in production.

I did my first trade show back in September, and had such a great response to the range. I have a lovely company in Scotland producing mugs for me now (McLaggan Smith Mugs). They are probably the biggest and best (in my opinion) mug producer in the UK. They produce designs for so many great British designers (Orla Kiely, Simon Drew, Quentin Blake & Roald Dahl…to name but a few). Selling directly to shops felt so much more satisfying then standing in the pouring rain on a market stall, though I do still do one market a month as I believe it’s the best way to stay in touch with your audience – and test out new designs.

It’s a bit of a juggling act with my two young children. The moment they’re in bed I have to sit at the computer and work, when all I really want to do is lie on the sofa watching TV (with a large glass of wine!). But this way I can be there more for my children. I can always be with them on days they’re not well, and I don’t miss any school plays! And I never realized there were so many holidays/inset days/teacher training days from school (my son started last year), but thankfully it’s not a problem as I can always be around!

This year in the UK I think everyone has felt very patriotic. We’ve had The Jubilee and of course the Olympics. It really was lovely to be in the UK while the Olympics was running. Firstly, there wasn’t any torrential rain, which was frankly amazing! And secondly, everyone you came across seemed so up beat and happy – we all had something to feel so proud of.

I love the fact that all the athletes have inspired youngsters out there to realize there’s more to life than just wanting to be a mindless pop star or reality tv star! They’ve shown us the real meaning of ‘hard work’! That was the idea behind our design Busy Being… A Great Brit! Something for us all to feel proud of. We tried to steer clear of it being too sensible, and put in lots of funny quotes like “Queuing”. “Sunday Roasts” and “Pubs”. There is even a picture of Shakespeare with a rain cloud above his head. We like to keep all our designs fun and light-hearted. People need to be reminded that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously! I’ve really learnt that after having children!

Two of our most popular designs are Busy Being…a Tea Drinker, and Busy Being…a Happy Camper! I think we really must be a nation of camping loving tea drinkers – and I’m very pleased to be part of it!

- Thea

Thea has generously offered to give away a gift pack including one “Busy Being a Great Brit” poster and one “Busy Being a Great Brit” bag to one U.S. reader and one U.K. reader.

Aren’t they adorable?

Note: The poster is an unframed A4 size.

busy being patriotic bag

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  1. Ivana says

    I love, love, love everything British :o) Busy Being has such a cute stuff and also I just noticed that you have a beautiful name, same as my daughter’s :o) If that’s not enough to win a prize, I don’t know what is! ;o))

  2. Penny says

    These are brilliant! At first, I thought the framed photo was a serving tray. It would make a lovely design for one. :)

  3. says

    Hi! I’ve just discovered your blog via Expat Mum! I’m a Brit currently living in Saudi Arabia. I have a UK postal address. But even if I don’t qualify for the giveaway, just wanted to say hello and have a look around as I’m trying to get my freelance graphic design work up and running and I miss London!

  4. Stacey Burnaroos says

    Hi I just wanted to say I loved your blog about your startup business and wanting to stay home with your small children. I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with my two, up until they started elementary school. I’m so glad your business took off for you. I am the daughter of 2 (now past ) British expat’s. Both my parents were from Wales and came to Seattle Wa.
    in 1950. I am 1 of 6 of a very closeknit family, who now have a bunch of kids who have a bunch of kids and even a couple more, as I am The Lucky Nana of one perfect 3 year old Grandy named Kayden. He is the love of my life and getting ready for Christmas this year is precious. It’s hard to hold back from giving him all the little Santa Stocking prezzies I’ve bought him as he’s just that cute!! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Susan says

    Absolutely adorable design. I’ll be checking out your website as soon as I finish with this comment. And – I’m in the US. Thank you :-)

  6. says

    What fun products and a great company. I will check out the website.
    I’m in the US but was born a Brit and still talk like one ;)
    Just tweeted.

  7. Ellen says

    Great fun – and would love to win the prize! (I live in the UK.) It’s nice to see an enterprising mind at work! Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting, there’s bound to be more products to add to your product range. Best of luck! My e-mail is


  8. Tracey Kirkland says

    Oh, what a lovely poster and bag! Please send me info on all your British goodies….

  9. Angela says

    Ahh love typography! & artwork in general. What a great way it would be to express my love for the UK, especially because I think I was born in the wrong country.. raised even? (I’m from the US) Always asking my mum why hadn’t we lived in England or London instead. “Busy thinking like a Great Brit” is unfortunately what I’m always doing..

  10. says

    Eek!!! I love anything British. And my best friend is a fellow Britophile! We’re always saying we were born in the wrong country! Especially when it’s easier to understand Britspeak than some of the English spoken around where we live.

  11. jen says

    Super cute! I’m not a Brit but I love to pretend I am. :-P jenny underscore abella at hotmail dot com…

  12. Lisa says

    Hello! The tote is adorable! I enjoyed reading Thea’s article and how Busy Being came about and the significance of her message. I tweeted! ~Lisa (lisa273 at gmail dot com)

  13. Melissa Nowak says

    I love this page and everything British! I was born across the pond and apparently in the wrong country because I adore the UK. From the quaint houses to the music artists to the actors and the food….I’m in love with Britain! Thanks for the great Facebook page :) My e mail address is

  14. Donna says

    Hello I began having a interest in all things British in the 7th Grade while reading a book about Queen Elizabeth I I was being so quite that My teacher forgot Me. At age 21 in May of 1995 I finally got to take a trip over to England I would love to use this bag to take my Lunch in and and other things I pack for work and as a beach bag in the summer

    Thanks for having this Contest what a lovely Christmas Present this will be for someone