Win a British Pubs Union Jack Print from For the Love of Maps

For The Love Of Maps is a small Etsy Shop owned and operated by Chris & Nina Brown (and their new baby girl Lucia) in the northern suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Their specialty is themed art prints in the shape of maps and other cultural items, with a focus on typographical/word art.

British Pubs Union Jack print framed

British Pubs Union Jack print framed

While their prints are made for different locations around the world, they have a special place in their hearts for Britain. Chris is the son of a Derbyshire-born father and watches far too much Time Team.

Nina can successfully trace her lineage back to the Plantagenets (she is a direct descendant of Edward I & Eleanor of Castile and beyond) and wants nothing more than to be a school teacher in Britain.

british pubs union jack print close-up

British Pubs Union Jack print close-up

They have taken pride in their craft, and aim to provide high-quality prints that can make people think of home or that favorite place somewhere far away with customer service that is second-to-none.

As self-proclaimed Anglophiles, they simply had to create a few Britain-themed prints (with more on the way including a Word Map of the Castles of Britain).

One such print is this British Pubs Union Jack piece which For The Love Of Maps will be giving away to one lucky recipient!

This 11×14 print, in the shape of the Union Jack, contains the names of dozens of the most ancient and famous pubs from across Britain including Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, The Salisbury, and a boatload of others.

Enter now to win this great print!

Here’s how:

1. You must be living in the U.S.

2. You must leave a comment with your email address. (Please make sure that you check this email address regularly including your junk mail folder.) You must comment on this post, NOT on social media. Social media entries will not count.

3. Please share this contest on Facebook and Twitter (although not required, just appreciated!)

4. Deadline to enter, Friday August 2.

The winner will be chosen the following Monday.

Good luck!



  1. Nancy Sanders says

    My heart and my soul…my late husband Craig Francis Sanders…was a Mancunian. I would love to add this beautiful print to the collection of “All Things English” that I keep in my home as a memorial to him!

  2. Emma Cunningham says

    Love this! Am originally from Chester area & went to Uni in York so frequented many of those ancient pubs!

  3. Stephanie McKee says

    LOVE the UK! Hubby is half English, I lived there for 3 years…Always looking for unusual UK items to add to the house…This would look AWESOME above our easy chair ;)

  4. Monique says

    My daughter recently got her British citizenship through descent. This would be a lovely gift for her!

  5. Cheryl Black says

    Just love it! Would love to have it in my home. I follow your page on fb….can’t get enough of Britain!

  6. Kristin McNeil says

    I want this sososososososo SO VERY MUCH PLESE!!! I love all things British! I just got a Union Jack teacup bedding set this print would look amazing with! ;)

  7. Melina says

    How clever – and I want to check out the rest of the art too – I do love maps :-) Fingers and Toes crossed!!

  8. Andy Kay says

    That would look so nice framed up and hanging on the wall in our family room. Hoping I can be a winner!

  9. Karen says

    Moved back to the US after 12 years in the UK. Miss it terribly!!!! Have enjoyed Smitten with Britain!! Thank you!

  10. Debbie Achs says

    I just bought my first house (yes, at age 51!) and this would look great on my wall! It would bring back fond memories of my visits to my favorite pubs!

  11. jane hutchinson says

    Wow! What a beautiful item! I am a Brit living in Phoenix , AZ and would appreciate this greatly!

  12. Robin says

    Would love to have this in our home, my husband is British and I try to bring British decor into the home to make my country decor blend with the British decor :) Love it!!

  13. Elizabeth says

    I would absolutely LOVE to own this print. My name couldn’t sound more British if I wanted it to (Elizabeth Anne Chatterton), I’m 75% English & I’m very proud.

    I can absolutely guarantee that if I were to win, the artwork would be displayed with much love and respect for all to see.

  14. Pamela says

    Love this! My goal is to live in England, anywhere in England. I think I would make it my mission to find each one of these pubs!

  15. Phaedra says

    LOVE it!!!! Wonder how many of the pubs listed that I’ve been to?! This would be a great win for anyone!

  16. Sheri Burgess says

    I love Britain & its my 2nd home ! I want to be my future home !
    I love all things English & Royal
    I love PUBS !!
    Pubs give you a great sense of the town/country/country you are in !
    This would look great hanging in a kitchen or den..

  17. Amy Abel-Matkins says

    Love this! Reminds me of the time I spent in England going to school. Would go great with all the other British things in my office.

  18. LoriAnne says

    In a long distance relationship with a Brit. He would be so tickled to see that hanging on my wall when he comes for a visit. :) Been doing my family tree & I descend from Alfred the Great & many of the other royal lines. Even related to Princess Diana & William & Harry through the Spencer line. Can you tell I’m obsessed with all things British? Also from the Detroit area. :)

  19. Christen Mercier says

    Love this blog… and this print! Would be a perfect way to show my true colours to my co-workers. ;)

  20. Amy says

    I love this print and would be proud to hang it in my home!!! Simply adore anything and everything British.

  21. Heather L. says

    Since an an Anglophile and love pubs, I love to own this. Favorite old pubs are the Lamb in Bloomsbury and Windsor Castle in Nottingham Hill- though I doubt one could ever see Windsor from that spot.

  22. Helen says

    I am a Brit living in California. I would LOVE to have this hanging on my wall.
    I miss home more than I can ever imagine.

    Long live the Queen!!!

  23. Helen Pruyn says

    I love British pubs! I even researched some to visit in advance of one of my trips to London.
    Thank You for creating this!

  24. Julie Stilwell says

    As expats living in Connecticut this would look great in our apartment! I used to collect pub names in a book as a child when we drove around the country- more fun than car numbers!

  25. PW Finkle says

    Sorry, Misunderstanding with Facebook, but please forgive me and enter my name to win this awesome print!! Thanks!! :)

  26. Emily says

    This is such a beautiful print!! I lived in England for a year while studying at University, and it is one of the most lovely places I have ever seen. One of the best things about England are their warm, cozy pubs.

  27. says

    I’m entering this on behalf of The House of England, a non-profit supporting the House of England cottage in Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca. As a Brit from Leicestershire and a member of the H of E I know this beautifully thought out piece would bring a lot if joy to our members and visitors n would be proudly displayed in our cottage which receives visitors from across the globe. I see a display on th great British Pub in our future!

  28. Christine Burwell says

    I am a Brit who ended-up in California but wants to go home to my family one day soon… would love this map to add to my home decorated with Union Jacks…

  29. Stephanie Carrico says

    A life-long Anglophile….I dream of traveling through England(Ireland and Scotland)…..someday…..would love to win this lovely Union Jack..

  30. Carroll says

    My daughter JUST got married (June 22) & moved with her British husband to Sunderland in England. I would LOVE to give them this for their new home!!!!

  31. Connieg says

    I am also a life-long Anglophile. I was fortunate enough to go to England for the first time last summer and visit Chelsea Flower Show and tour gardens as well as a private tour of Windsor Castle with Governor of Windsor Castle. I would love to win this!

  32. Jackie Wolfskill says

    Fantastic! I am also an Anglophile; I’ve been to the UK twice, & am going again in August! Can’t wait! :-)

  33. Brenda Chandler says

    I LOVE this print! I am a fellow Anglophile attempting to teach in Britain. Good luck to you Nina!!

  34. Michelle Crawford says

    I’d love to win that lovely print! Someday I plan to build a home pub and it would be perfect there. Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Joni Demmel says

    My ancestors are calling to me; I think they are saying a few of them have enjoyed a few pints at some of these pubs!

  36. Lesley says

    I love this reminds me of my Granddad he always gave directions by which pub to turn at My favourite was past the Nelson, Left at the Nags Head, Right at the
    the boot when you see the three legs the shops right there.

  37. Angela says

    Born in England but raised in America.
    Been back to Great Britain only once, as a child.
    Long to go again to see family and the land where I came from.
    A few pints along the way would be wonderful.

  38. claudia says

    Love the Etsy shop, what a beautiful idea. I love to reference places with my home decor. Let’s face it, Britain was built on its pubs!!

  39. MerAngel says

    This is great. I love this print.

    I have traced back to the Spencer line on my moms side. I feel like I was born in the wrong country sometimes, the UK pulls at my heart strings.

    Good luck with your dream! Teaching abroad would be great fun!

  40. Jackie Zamora says

    How beautiful! I would love to win this! My husband is planning a trip to England as a graduation gift next spring. He knows I am fascinated by all things English!

  41. Isis Glass says

    I don’t seem to have much luck with winning contests but I so liked this beautiful print and thought about how much my husband would enjoy seeing it in our new finished basement bar area! We’ve traveled to England and fell in love with the Pub culture ~ this would make him so happy and proud to share with friends and family when they visit! We loved England are not sure when we will have another opportunity to visit the UK, which we so enjoyed, so fingers crossed I win it for him. Best of luck to all who enters and whomever wins…ENJOY!

  42. Sonci says

    My Brit husband has seen his fair share of pubs, and is one of the things he misses most about the UK. I know he would love to hang this on his office wall! :)

  43. Astrid Muller says

    Smitten strikes again!! I love all think Brit but have never seen this print – so great! I have the perfect spot for it in my 1740 New England cottage that was owned by Hannah Jumper – a huge figure in the temperance movement (anti drinking) so this pub Brit combo was meant for Me!!

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