Top 5 Art Museums in the UK

Here in Britain we’re lucky enough to offer some of the most cultural and historical hot spots in Europe. With Viking cities, Roman ruins and an abundance of archaeological finds, visitors and locals alike can enjoy an educational day of discovery in our many galleries and museums. 

With all of that on offer, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, a thought which in itself can be enough to put some people off visiting a museum at all. So with that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Art Museums that are perfect for all, from observer to art pro.

1. The V&A Museum, London

Not only is this incredible museum stacked to the rafters with the world’s largest collection of decorative arts and design, but it’s also completely free to enter. If you’re taking a trip to London in the New Year then make sure you put a couple of hours aside for a wander around. Named after Britain’s most influential monarchical couple, its pieces span and incredible 5000 years’ from cultures across the globe.

2. Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

If you’re wanting to avoid the capital and fancy a glimpse at some less-than-traditional art, then head to Liverpool’s Tate gallery. Rather than neo-classical masterpieces or royal portraits, the Tate offers visitors something a little different. With constantly changing exhibitions from local and international artists, you can see everything from ‘Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain’, to ‘How Values Changed Making 1789–2013’.

3. The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

For those of you north of the border, the National Museum of Scotland offers you a little bit of everything. Originally two museums (National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland and The Royal Scottish Museum), it now houses everything from geology to natural history, science and technology. One major piece of note is the body of ‘Dolly the Sheep’, the first successful clone of a mammal from an adult cell!

4. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

By far Scotland’s most free-to-enter popular attraction, The Kelvingrove Gallery is home to one of Europe’s great Civic Art collections. Outside of London, this is the most visited museum in the whole of the UK, and with the unpredictable Scottish weather it can be a great place to explore on a dreary day.

5. The National Gallery, London

Last but certainly not least is The National Gallery, and as a non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport it’s totally free! All of the pieces within the museum technically belong to the Great British Public, so it’s definitely fun to have a stroll around and see what’s what. It’s the fifth most visited museum in the whole world, and boasts over 2000 paintings dating back to the 19th century.

So that’s my Top 5 Art Museums in the UK to visit as soon as you get a chance. Whether you book a break solely to discover these wonderful treasures, or you make time for a visit during you trip, they’re definitely a great addition to any city break from Superbreak. From the historical to the downright mystifying, you’ll see things you’ll be talking about for days.

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This sponsored post is by Victoria, a passionate travel writer with great experience of European destinations. Her recent adventures have included Amsterdam, Portugal and Paris, but the real dream is to venture further afield and travel around New Zealand.


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