Top 10 Favourite Tube Posters and Images

I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 favourite Tube posters and images to cap off a week of celebrating the London Underground’s 150th anniversary. If you missed my round-up post from yesterday be sure to have a look.

Vintage TFL posters and everything Underground seems all the rage at the moment. There are dozens of different designs out there, some old, some new, some official and some made just for fun. The ones I like best tend to be cheeky in nature, stunningly beautiful in design or feature a significant figure from British history.

As I list my Top 10 Favourites, I will try to include a link to a purchase site if there is one. Many more official Underground posters are available for purchase from the London Transport Museum.

10. A clever design by Alred Leete. Two of his designs made my list so you’ll read more about him further down.

quickest way to the dogs underground poster

9. I find this poster quite romantic -maybe it’s the fancy dress or simply that I like imagining where everyone is going for the evening.  This is an official TFL poster for sale here.

brightest london is reached by underground

8. This fun design was made by Alfred Leete in 1927. Leete, a comics illustrator, also designed one of the best known war posters from WWII, “Your Country Needs You.” You may purchase his Underground poster for a cool £10 by visiting the TFL shop.

the lure of the underground poster

7. This poster hearkens back to the days when the sun never set on the British Empire.  It was designed by Ernest Michael Dinkel in 1933.  Buy it here.

Visit the Empire Tube poster

6. This one makes me laugh however, its sale price at Christie’s is no laughing matter! Have a spare £2750?

please stand on the right of the escalator

5. Hampton Court Palace is my favourite historical building in London and I like the colour and symmetry of this design. Purchase this poster from the Transport for London museum.

hampton court by tram tube poster

4. This print designed by Heather Landis reminds me of The Underground’s finest hour, when children and their families were forced to seek shelter there during  The Blitz.  This print is available for purchase online as an art print, pillow and even an iPhone skin.

WWII Children Underground Poster

3. This is not an official TFL poster but I sure wish it was -it’s downright cheeky! It was made by Doug Fishbone and was featured in the book THE ROUNDEL: 100 Artists Remake a London Icon.

we've got you covered london underground

2. Poor Charles I! Ah well, at least he has his own Underground poster eh? Designed by Austin Cooper in 1935, I think it’s striking in composition and colour however I won’t lose my head (sorry) or my purse over it. Cost for your copy? £1460.

Charles I TFL poster

1. This poster reigns supreme in my Top 10 Favourite Tube posters.  Naturally you’ll need to know a bit about Henry VIII’s history to appreciate the humour otherwise it falls flat. Admittedly, I’m not certain this is a TFL poster in fact I’m pretty sure it’s not. I can’t seem to find it anywhere but on Pinterest. If and when I find the source I’ll update you here.

Henry VIII Underground poster

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  1. says

    So much interesting stuff here. I like number 6 (Londoners do get very sniffy if tourists don’t keep to the right) and Hampton Court Palace is also interesting, because the tube has never reached that part of south-west London, hence they’re talking about the tram instead.
    Thanks! I’ll be tweeting this.

  2. Merrel says

    I am searching for a reproduction poster for the London Tube 1905 (artist unknown) Top of poster says: Central London
    (Tube) Railway
    Colors are predominantly red and yellow. Can you help me locate this?

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