The Young Victoria DVD Giveaway

Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in British history and her romance with husband Prince Albert is legendary. Victoria ascended to the throne at the tender age of 18 and three years later married her beloved Albert. He became her closest confidant and when he died 21 years later, Victoria was so devastated she wore black every day for the rest of her life.

The film “The Young Victoria” focuses on Queen Victoria’s early years, the events leading up to her succession to the throne and her courtship with Albert. The movie stars Emily Blunt as Victoria and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert and was produced in part by Martin Scorcese and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Screen writing credit goes to Julian Fellowes from “The Monarch of the Glen” series, who is now an established author.

I really enjoyed this DVD, much more than I had anticipated. I find period films to be quite dull at times but the good script and the performances of the two principal actors kept me engaged. In fact, when it ended I thought “Is that it?” I felt as if we were just getting started and I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to see what happened over the next twenty years of marriage. I wanted more. In my book, the sign of a good film.

“The Young Victoria” is set to be released on DVD this Tuesday, April 20th, but as you’ve just read I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy.

Now I’m itching to give it away to one of you.

You know the drill. Leave me a comment, say hello and you’re entered.

Tweet my contest and I’ll give you a second entry.

This contest is open until next Friday, April 23rd.

(Open to U.S. residents only as well as anyone with an APO address.)


  1. says

    Awww! I love period films! And Emily Blunt is a favorite! I wanted to see this in the cinema and never got around to it. I’d love the DVD. Great giveaway! :)

    • smittenbybritain says

      Lis, maybe it’s because I’m older and I’ve seen tons of them I feel a bit bored.

  2. says

    Loved the film. Did you spot Princess Beatrice? Just finished Julian Fellowes book “Past Imperfect” and loved it.

  3. Kati says

    I’ve been meaning to watch this movie ever since it came to the cinema but still haven’t got around to do it, d’oh!

    The new website looks good btw! Nice one :) x

  4. mark says

    I didn’t realize that the screenwriter for “Monarch of The Glen” was the screenwriter for “Young Victoria.” Very cool.

    • smittenbybritain says

      Mark, sorry I didn’t mean to say that Fellowes was the screen writer of Monarch but he starred in Monarch. Played Kilwillie.

      • mark says

        HaHa…That’s EVEN better! I loved that character.

        “I’m the National average weight for my height and build. I just happen to be 3 inches shorter!” ~Kilwillie

  5. says

    I love period films…I have not seen this one and would love to. Just completed a course of study in British Literature that included a great section on Queen Victoria…loved it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this DVD—how very nice of you!

  6. Miss Marla says

    Have been anxiously waiting for this one to come out on DVD. Since I no longer can go to the cinema, I’m always behind a bit. There was something I watched recently that Julian Fellowes wrote, another period piece, but can’t think now what it was. He’s a great talent for screen writing.

    • Mary says

      Julian Fellowes wrote Gosford Park. I read that he combines his acting and writing talents in the DVD set “A Most Mysterious Murder,” which is the dramatization of 5 actual and unsolved murders.

  7. Mary says

    I hope I win the DVD. Hello!! I love painting in England. I also create machine embroidery from my paintings. I also love English gardens and tea-time English-style. I discovered the American magazine “Tea Time” which shows you where you can do that, here in the States.

  8. Janefan says

    I’d love to win this! It’s in my Netflix queue but I’m sure I’ll like it enough to want to own it.

  9. Felicia says

    I’m a huge anlgofile or should I say Britophile? I’m a fan of your website and tweets. I would love to win the dvd.

    (also, retweeted the contest)

  10. Christina says

    I’ve been dying to see this since it came out. It never came to my local theaters. It sounds so good. And the costumes are amazing!

    • smittenbybritain says

      Christina, you’re the lucky winner. Email your address to me at smittenbybritain at hotmail dot com

  11. melissa n says

    i’ve been beyond excited that this movie is coming out – I can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the chance!

  12. says

    It’s a really great film, and I already have the dvd so I won’t enter the competition. Just to say there’s an exhibition of Young Victoria running until October at Buckingham Palace. I have booked to go on the basis of this film.

  13. Lacy says

    I also missed this when it was in theaters and was so upset – because it looks fantastic (and the costumes are so gorgeous!). Great giveaway!

  14. Heather G says

    I would love to be entered to win this! I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters. I’m a big fan though of period movies and of Victoria & Albert.

  15. Danielle says

    Saw the film in the theatre and LOVED it. I fell in love with Victoria and Albert. Thanks for the opportunity… I think this is a must own for my collection.