The London Sidewalk Feast

The following is a guest post.

Street food has long been popular in parts of the world but it is all the rage in London right now. Documentary film-maker and foodie Sammy Hutchison shared his first video about London street food here on the blog back in January.

Now he’s continuing the series with a second episode examining London’s street food scene through the eyes of possibly the most influential person in the bustling street food scene of London, Petra Barran (Founder of KERB).


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    This video reminded me of two of my favourite street food places in London. The Breadstall on Northcote Road, SW11 bakes their own bread, rolls, pastries, sausage rolls right on site in their stall and has become one of the top bakeries in town. Also have had the best gourmet hot dogs at The Dogfather stall at the Northcote Road food market on Saturday mornings in East Dulwich SE22.