The difference between the U.K., Great Britain and England

Pay attention children, there will be a quiz afterward.

Got it? Good.

To learn more, stick with me. :-)

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  1. says

    Am pretty sure the people of Scotland do NOT appreciate being called Scottish. They are Scots.

    As for me? I’m English … most deffo NOT European, despite Italian name.


  2. smittenbybritain says

    Sorry Bru, but I must disagree. My ex-husband is Scottish and I’m the proud mother of a Scottish-American and I come from a line of Scots myself.
    Scottish is proper and so is Scots. However, they do not like to be called “Scotch”. Maybe that is what you are thinking of? I’ve never heard a Scotsman say they do not want to be called Scottish. British maybe, but not Scottish.

  3. smittenbybritain says

    I don’t know who you are but I do not wish for you to link back to my site. Please remove all links to Smitten by Britain. Thanks.