The Day My Mum Met Will and Kate

The following is a guest post.

My wonderful Mum has been visiting from Canada recently, which makes me very happy. While she has been my partner in crime on more than one adventure, today she set off on her own.

She had read in the Bucks Free Press that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be coming to our neck of the woods to visit the Child Bereavement organization at the Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton.

Mum prepped for this and went in with a plan. And I believed that when I returned from school that day there were two distinct possibilities:

1) She will have met Will and Kate or

2) They would sitting in my living room waiting for tea

Now in reality it’s probably for the best that the latter did not happen as they would have had to sit in my living room/dining room/laundry room/study but it would have been neat.

Needless to say then, when I got the phone call saying she had chatted with Will, I was not shocked in the least.

After quickly exiting the car and greeting their hosts, Kate bee lined towards a young boy who had flowers ready for her. Prince William lamented that he never received the flowers anymore as he headed over to Mum in her bright red coat – who had also brought a bouquet. She was more than happy to hand over the brightly coloured roses.

They then had a bit of a chat as he noticed Mum’s lovely Canadian accent. It’s a really exciting moment for her too because she has followed the royal family since his parents’ wedding and to finally get to shake his hand was quite amazing.

She proceeded to spoil the prince and tell him all about my job teaching in England. In the picture below (lifted from the Daily Mail) you can see the prince reading Mum’s note on the roses that she gave him.

Lucky for Mum, Kate came along once the prince had moved on to shake more hands. She too came to see the lovely Canadian fan. Mum got to shake the Duchess’ hand and congratulate her before she had to move on.

Justine recently moved to the UK from a small Ontario town. She lives in Buckinghamshire where she works as a teacher and spends her spare time exploring the UK. Visit her blog here. Read more of her guest posts here.


  1. Janet says

    Wow!! That is SO VERY EXCITING!!! I am so happy for your Mum. It is very special that she has known William since he was a little boy and now got to meet him…and his beautiful Kate in person!! What a wonderful treat for Mum!!

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