Six Foods British Expats in the U.S. Miss the Most

I’m a Brit who loves living in the USA! I’m very much an ex-jolly-hockey sticks Brit, who’s embraced the American lifestyle and to confirm this I now frequently don a cowboy hat and Daisy Dukes. I find myself saying ‘awesome’ a lot and I ask for the ‘check’ and not the ‘bill’.

How to Make Steak Pie with Peas, Mash and Gravy

The following is a guest post. I’ve discovered that many Americans are not familiar with a traditional British steak pie. Once, my parents invited some friends for dinner, and my mother told them she’d like them to try her steak pie. They were pleasantly surprised when they first tasted it, and immediately fell in love with […]

Eating Our Way to Britishness

The following is a guest post. Having just spent Christmas in Cornwall, England, it dawned on me how big a role food plays in British culture. I wanted to make the festive period as ‘British’ as I could for my three Dutch children and what we ate turned out to be a big part of […]