Royal Baby Names: Which will it be?

The following is a guest post.

Finally,  Royal watchers have been rewarded with the first photos of the Duchess of Cambridge showing off her growing belly. For months, the naturally slender duchess has kept the world squinting for any glimpse of evidence of the newest royal baby but within the last week, the duchess has prominently displayed the ‘royal bump’ in stylish and elegant clothing choices. With the new baby due in mid-July, talk turns to baby names.

It is always exciting for parents to be to try out world be names to see if they ‘fit’, but with a future monarch on the way, William and Catherine will not have the latitude that a regular couple would in choosing names. Bronx, Apple, Camden, Honor, Willow, Rainbow….while names of children of celebrities, won’t be on the short list for the Duke and Duchess’s new bouncing bundle of joy.

With rumors rampant that Kate spilled the beans and inadvertently announced that she was having a daughter, the talk now turns to what the prince or princess will be called. The Duke has four names, and the Duchess has three, but with tradition and the urge to bring the monarchy into the 21st century, in the forefront, will the couple break with past precedent, or start a worldwide trend. Whatever the name may be, it will be sure to spurn the hottest baby name of the year.

Let’s start with girls’ names. Odds are that Elizabeth and Victoria are in the mix for maybe two of the three names, but then one has to ask about the elephant in the room…the name of Diana. While I realize that the Duke would want to pay tribute to his late mother, does he really need to do so again?

The Duchess was given Diana’s engagement ring and smiled about it., but does she need to be saddled with naming her first child after her dead mother-in-law, and an icon at that?  With the Duchess admitting that her friends were texting her names, there is a possibility that she and the Duke would think out of the royal box and choose something a little different for a daughter.

If they have a son, history is full of names from which to choose. George, Albert, Charles, Henry and William are, of course, classic names that never go out of style, and some, like Henry, seem to be making a comeback.  The top five baby names for 2012 were Jacob, Mason, William, Jayden and Noah.  Within the top twenty, the name Andrew appears as does David, a family name as well.

While it is fun to speculate, one thing we can be sure of. Until the royal heir is born, the world will continue to guess, as it is apparent that William and Catherine are experts at keeping secrets.

Christy Clark is a mom, teacher, knitter and freelance writer who has been “Smitten by Britain” ever since her mother got her up in the wee hours of 29 July 1981 to watch Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles. In 2011 she got her own daughter up to watch Prince William marry Catherine Middleton. Christy lives in Florida and can be found on Twitter @christybelle


  1. Kate says

    It’s an awfully big elephant in the room isn’t it? I hope that one of the given names is Diana just not the primary one. (Although William might like the idea that if his mother couldn’t be Queen Diana his daughter will be. ) Has the memory of the abdication faded enough for a little boy to be named David? (Will Michael get a mention?? Or Carole for that matter??) Time will tell!

  2. Joan says

    I doubt very seriously if either of the royals would feel “saddled” with the name Diana being included as one of the longer formal names. It’s no more being saddled with that name than the rather overused Charles, Victoria, Elizabeth, George, etc. I don’t expect a Poppy or Rupert, but having a different name would be a breath of fresh of air. I would like to see one of the Duchess’ family names included. There might be a lovely name in her background that would fit the bill. I imagine that there will be enough names to please most people when it’s finally announced.

  3. says

    My guess is Diana might well be in there somewhere, but I agree with Kate, it shouldn’t be the first name. Poor kid will have enough to deal with, without that. As for boys names, if it’s Jayden, I’ll eat my hat…

  4. Christy says

    Hi Joan,
    I agree, I should have made myself a little more clear. I was referring to Diana being the first name. I would not be at all surprised if it was part of the longer name. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Melissa says

    Now that we know he’s a “he,” I think the first name may either be George, Arthur, or James. I think somewhere in the line of names there will be Charles and Michael as a nod to both their fathers. We’ll see!

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