Time to Put the Kettle On!

The statisticians say that Britons drink around 165 million cups of tea per day. With that figure I’m reminded of this fantastic video.

As it reveals, the busiest time for “putting the kettle on” is at the end of the day’s episode of EastEnders. 1,500,000 kettles are switched on at once!

As a tea drinker and a fan of EastEnders myself, this amazes me and makes me laugh.


  1. Leontyne says

    I usually put it on during my replays of Corrie but it comes on every morning instead of coffee now.I need to work my way up to a better kettle though.Someone please tell me why they are soooo expensive here in the states,grrrr.

  2. smittenbybritain says

    Because they’re not popular. Simple as that. We I tell people about my kettle they look at me crossed-eyed. What do you do with that? they ask.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve often heard this and wondered whether it was an urban myth…obviously not. Very funny! Living in Sydney now and drinking much more coffee…miss the tea drinking and Eastenders watching days :-)