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What to Watch: Streaming Hot Picks

We often discuss PBS and BBC America’s programming on this blog, but if you’re not watching Netflix or Hulu you’re missing out on a whole cache of shows that you’d not see otherwise.

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Hot summer in historic Winchelsea 

The following is a guest post. A hot June day in the Secret Gardens of Winchelsea. Ideally, a day for a crisp cotton dress and a big hat, roses, scones and a cup of tea beneath a shady tree.

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Researching Your Family Tree in the UK

The following is a guest post. With the continued rise in popularity of family history television programmes like ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, and the programme then serving to be an enormous inspiration to so many people, more and more people are now jetting off (and having the most amazing time in the process) [...]


Abdication? Not Happening

Last week saw the accession of Felipe VI of Spain following the abdication of his father, Juan Carlos I after a 38 ½ year reign on the Spanish throne. With this development, combined with similar abdications in the Netherlands with Queen Beatrix, at the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI, as well as with the King [...]

Barmouth overlooked by Cader Idris

The Alternative B & B

Traditionally B&B stands for Bed and Breakfast. With locations all over Great Britain, a bed and breakfast is defined as a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast but usually does not offer other meals.

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Over the Hill: The Via Ferrata

Over the Hill is a series of articles based on interviews with people over fifty enjoying life and getting the most out of living in Britain.

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10 Great Seaside Destinations

We all know Britain is an island nation, but you might not realise that England alone has over 6000 miles of coastline, and you’re never more than 70 miles from the sea; therefore, there’s certainly no shortage of seaside destinations!


Visit The City of Durham – Medieval in the North East

Eight hundred and sixty-two square miles of history in the middle of rolling dales, moors and some of the most stunning countryside in Britain,  the Medieval City of Durham has the City of Newcastle to the North and Darlington to the South, so Durham is not far from the hustle and bustle of the larger [...]

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How to Make Chelsea Buns

Mum was visiting recently so, as always, this meant trying something out in the kitchen. She suggested we try Chelsea Buns and as I had never made them before this seemed like great idea – she had me at bun!

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The Escape Artist: Not Your Cozy Masterpiece Mystery

Spoiler Alert: This post is a review of the show and reveals plot information. PBS’ 2014 Masterpiece Mystery season opened strong with The Escape Artist and, if I may say so, went a refreshing new direction with a mini-series that doesn’t fit the usual detective series format. A thriller less about whodunit and more about [...]

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In an English Country Garden

When many consider Britain, one of the images they conjure up is a perfect, vibrant garden. And they conjure up along with it thoughts of romance, late sunsets, afternoon teas, bumble bees and energetic brightly colored butterflies flitting around.