The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire and Chatsworth

I study and document historic buildings and their landscapes for a living – and part of that process involves telling the stories of the people that lived and worked in those spaces. These are important personal narratives, and help inform us about how everyday people used their buildings and shaped their surroundings.

King Arthur and Dolly Parton: The Magic of Glastonbury

Camelot, meet Nashville. I venture that most people won’t automatically associate the legends of Camelot with the pint-sized dynamo from East Tennessee – but as I like to stress in my day job, context is everything. And when the context in question is Glastonbury, surely all sorts of strange pairings suddenly make sense!

Stone, Blood and Art: The Tower of London and the Role of Memory

William the Conqueror’s plan for the Tower of London likely did not include its role as a tourist attraction – but he certainly meant for it to be a statement. Rising up on the north bank of the Thames, the complex has served as palace, prison, and residence.

Foods That British Expats Really Miss

I’m a Brit who loves living in the USA! I’m very much an ex-jolly-hockey sticks Brit, who’s embraced the American lifestyle and to confirm this I now frequently don a cowboy hat and Daisy Dukes.