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British Telly Addict Alert for September 2014

As autumn begins to descend summer activities are winding down and the kids have returned to school. You may find yourself with a bit more time on your hands or, like me, you’re just always looking for a telly fix.

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Foods That British Expats Really Miss

I’m a Brit who loves living in the USA! I’m very much an ex-jolly-hockey sticks Brit, who’s embraced the American lifestyle and to confirm this I now frequently don a cowboy hat and Daisy Dukes.

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Stone, Blood and Art: The Tower of London and the Role of Memory

William the Conqueror’s plan for the Tower of London likely did not include its role as a tourist attraction – but he certainly meant for it to be a statement. Rising up on the north bank of the Thames, the complex has served as palace, prison, and residence.


What to Watch: Streaming Hot Picks

The following is a guest post. We often discuss PBS and BBC America’s programming on this blog, but if you’re not watching Netflix or Hulu you’re missing out on a whole cache of shows that you’d not see otherwise.

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Hot summer in historic Winchelsea 

The following is a guest post. A hot June day in the Secret Gardens of Winchelsea. Ideally, a day for a crisp cotton dress and a big hat, roses, scones and a cup of tea beneath a shady tree.