On Telly: Julian Fellowes’s Titanic

Based on “Downton Abbey” and now his new series “Titanic”, Julian Fellowes seems to have a penchant for examining the lives of “the help” or the lower classes – those who lacked an outlet for telling their stories. Thank goodness because there are some interesting tales to tell.

Fellowes’s new four-part series “Titanic” does what Cameron’s Titanic failed to do which was focus on the lives of the crew and second class passengers aboard the doomed luxury liner. Sailing from Southampton, England to New York City one hundred years ago this year, the Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg, killing approx. 1500 passengers.

“Titanic” begins airing in Britain on ITV Sunday, 25 March.

The series will air in the U.S. on ABC beginning April 15th, the anniversary of the sinking.

From ITV’s press release:

Titanic is a four part serial created by BAFTA-winning producer Nigel Stafford-Clark (Warriors; The Way We Live Now; Bleak House) and written by Oscar and Emmy winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park; Downton Abbey) to mark the hundredth anniversary of the world’s most famous maritime disaster in April 1912. It sets out to tell the story not just of a single ship, but of an entire society – one that was heading towards its own nemesis in the shape of the First World War as carelessly as Titanic towards the iceberg.

All human life is on Titanic as she sets out on her maiden voyage. The upper-class family with their suffragette daughter and their warring servants; the wealthy elite of American society; the Irish lawyer in Second Class with his embittered wife; the young cabin steward and the impetuous Italian waiter who falls for her; the Catholic engineer fleeing Belfast with his wife and family to escape the sectarian conflict; the mysterious stranger in Steerage fleeing who knows what. And then there are the officers and crew. As their stories interweave and we find our first impressions are often undermined by what we learn, there is one thing that we know for certain and they do not. That not all of them will survive.

Watch the promo:

Watch Behind the Scenes of “Titanic”:


For more on the show, check out ITV’s “Titanic” page.

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  1. DOHC-6 says

    Looks as tho the Canadian network GLOBAL has pulled the rug out from all the other networks.
    Global broadcast Pt.1 of the series on March 21st, beating the American network ABC & British ITV to the punch.

    I bet there are a few disgruntled network exes muttering profanities under their breath.

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