My Name is Julie and I’m a Telly Addict

*The following is a post from my second new Telly blogger, Julie, will be writing mostly about British dramas.

Hello, there! My name is Julie, though most people call me Jules, and I can’t emphasize enough how ecstatic I am to be contributing here!

Like my fellow Telly-blogger-mate Carmen, I live in the Midwest and work at a library. My husband and I share our home with two ornery cats and piles of British DVDs/books/music/stuff.

How did I end up obsessed with the brilliance that is British TV? Well, the Beatles, of course. It’s entirely my mum’s fault (and yes, I really do call her “mum”). When I was 13, she gifted me with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and I was blown away. Besides falling head over heels for the Fab Four, I wanted to know what they ate, what they wore, what they watched. I knew instinctively, I suppose, that if the music was this good, how incredible everything else in Britain must be as well.


This was in a time before smartphones and Google, so I became great friends with PBS. I was glued to the Telly every Saturday night as hours of Britcoms made that little black box come alive. And not only did I begin a relationship with British Comedy, but British Drama and I hit it off pretty well, too.


I must explain that I am a deeply imaginative and creative introvert who preferred watching PBS on Saturday nights to anything else…Jane Austen enchanted me; Dickens mesmerized me; Dr. Who filled me with wonder. I would create my own stories after being inspired by those. Being carried away into the captivating world of Downton Abbey or the gritty yet indomitable spirit of Call the Midwife and Sherlock is akin to actually walking the grounds of my beloved Britain, all from the comfort of my couch in our quaint Kentucky home.


Simply put, escaping to the beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking but always enthralling world of British Drama is a continual spark for my imagination and spirit. And I’m a better person for it.

Julie is a freelance writer who lives in the midwest with her husband and cats and works at a library to pay [some] of the bills. She is enamored with all things Britain and is planning her family’s migration to the Isle, though her husband doesn’t know it yet. Read more of her guest posts here.


  1. Miriam says

    I started watching period dramas shortly before the original Upstairs Downstairs hit the usa on PBS.
    Some I only remember bits & pieces and some were way too adult for my Tween mind to understand (ie Sartre’s” Roads to Freedom ” series) but it had a great cast so I watched it anyways- it was British LOL
    I am glad to see so many of these shows available on dvd & for free at the library.
    I have to admit I am rather an “old school’ period drama fan- meaning I preferred the 13 part series rather than the current shorter ones. I prefer Character development over fast plots- Old Fashioned I know- sigh.
    But times have changed and budgets are tight so I will be satified with my dvds of the Older shows and can still enjoy some of the newer ones.
    While I do enjoy Downton Abbey & am happy for it’s sucess in the usa I don’t get why the media is acting like it is the only period drama to have had success here in the states- surely Upstairs Downstairs had a large following in it’s day and had won Emmy Awards. I have many press clippings in my old scrapbooks on it ( as well as other shows like Poldark) and they did Not Any Social Media or the internet to advertise them!

    For those interested in UK Period Dramas there is a nice site ( not mine) on them

  2. Julie says

    Fruitful-it’s so awesome that TV can do that :)

    And Miriam-I agree with you! I am also a fan of “old-school” British dramas; Like you, I love the character development over several episodes. I’m half-way through “The Duchess of Duke Street” right now and loving it! And thanks for sharing that blog–so cool :)

  3. sarita says

    Everything you wrote applies to me as well!
    Starting with the Beatles 30 years ago etc’ etc’
    I’ll be glad to get to know more and more British TV series, especially peridical ones.
    Thanks for this post and loving greetings from Israel,

  4. Lisa says

    LOVE British comedy programmes, wish BBC America would put more on Saturday nights. Come Fly with Me, Friday Night Dinner, The Inbetweeners and Outnumbered and so many more. from a proud American anglophile. parents from Hastings, East Sussex

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