Mothering Sunday Meanings

Today is Mothering Sunday in the U.K. (also called Mother’s Day.) I like the idea of calling it Mothering Sunday because the name honours the act of mothering rather than just the role itself. We all know you don’t have to pass a parenting test to become a mother-they’ll let anyone join in- but proper mothering takes skill, patience, and love.

In the last few weeks I’ve come across some stories that caused me to reconsider what Mothering Sunday means to me and others. Until now, I took for granted the fact that I still have a mother to honour but as you’ll see, not everyone is so lucky.

Some people don’t choose the role of mother – it’s thrust upon them by tragic circumstances- yet they accept the role with dignity and strength. That describes SingleParentDad, who finds himself both mother and father to his three year old son.

He wouldn’t have wanted it this way but today is meant for him. I found his recent post about the tricky business of navigating Mothering Sunday quite touching and I think you will as well.

This next story comes from the view of a motherless child. Some of us can only imagine how difficult it is to lose your mother at a young age but Prince William experienced it first hand and in a very public way.

Recently he spoke about Mothering Sunday and what it means to him now, twelve years on. I was struck by his candor and that his feelings still seem so raw, even today.

princess diana and her boys

Princess Diana and her boys

And finally, this video proves you don’t have to have girlie bits or even human ones to understand the meaning of mothering. It first made the rounds a while back but has gotten renewed attention since the release of a new book. Grab the tissues, you’ll need them.


Update: I just finished browsing through some old photos of my son and thought I’d post one in honour of Mothering Sunda. How quickly they grow.

My Ian

My Ian

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