Looking For New Guest Bloggers on Smitten by Britain

It’s a New Year and a new call for guest bloggers on Smitten by Britain!

If you are a writer or have a personal blog, this is your chance to bring new readers to your site and grow your portfolio. Smitten by Britain is a leading travel blog for Anglophiles/Britophiles in the U.S. with over 100,000 views per month and 50,000 regular readers on social media and by newsletter.

If you’re interested, please read the requirements below first. Once you understand the requirements, email smittenbybritain at hotmail dot com or use the contact form on my blog to get in touch. (Please do not leave a comment on the blog.)

Note: I am looking for personal bloggers and writers only. If you are a business looking for promotion, please email smittenbybritain at hotmail dot com for my advertising rates.

Guest blogging requirements: 

  • Guest bloggers must agree not to publish the same content on other websites including their own.
  • I am looking for guest bloggers who are seriously committed to writing posts for at least a year. Please only enquire if you are willing to commit.
  • I would prefer guest bloggers with writing experience who can provide examples for review, although I am willing to consider all serious enquiries.

I’m looking for writers in the following content areas:

1. Scotland blogger – I’m looking for a blogger living in Scotland. Expats welcome to apply. You may write about Scottish traditions and travel. I would prefer original photographs so if you’re handy with a camera this may be for you. A post once a month will be lovely.

2. London Blogger – Are you bonkers for Britain’s capital city? Why not share the love? I’m looking for someone living in London or originally from London, willing to write about their favourite places in the city and some surprises too. Great photos are a must! Two posts per month please.

3. British Films and Actors- I’m looking for a film buff to write about their favourite British films as well as what’s coming up in the New Year. Concentrate on upcoming British film releases as well as writing biographies of some of Britain’s best actors. Feel free to write about other forms of entertainment including British music and theatre. A monthly post is required.  This position has been filled.

4. Expat bloggers – some of the most popular posts on my blog have been written by expats who like to share their experiences, specifically how they deal with cultural differences. I have one or two such bloggers at the moment, but more are welcome. A monthly post please.

5. Royal Reporter – I’m looking for someone who is mad about the Royal Family and follows their every more. I would like posts on current events related to the Monarchy, in-depth bios about family members, as well as posts about the history of the British Monarchy. Two posts per month please.  This position has been filled.

6. Castles – The UK is home of the castle – Wales alone has over 100 of them – so this blog is in desperate need of someone to give them the attention they deserve. If you have always dreamed of being a princess or King of your own castle, and enjoy history and architecture, then this is the job for you! Two posts per month please. This position has been filled.

7. Wales Blogger – Fortunately for me, I already have a good Wales blogger (Thank you Chrissy Brand!), but there is certainly room for another. One post per month please.

8. Northern Ireland Blogger - Smitten by Britain is seriously anemic in posts about N.I. If you’re keen, please email me. One post per month please.

9. Northern England Blogger – Recently I found a Newcastle blogger, after years of searching but I could certainly use more writers who wish to share their love of Northern England, including the North West. One post per month please.

10. Haunted Britain – Britain’s long, eventful and at times, very bloody history has made for some eerie places with residents who simply refused to leave! If the paranormal fascinates you, please contact me. I would like one post per month.

11. Accommodations Blogger – I would like a writer to highlight historic B & B’s and Hotels as a service to my readers who are planning their vacations to the UK. Take a location and recommend some of the best in the area or do an in-depth post on a historical location. (Please be advised: I’m not interested in someone who wants to promote a particular business so if you’re a B & B owner or Hotelier, please email me for my advertising rates.)

Thank you for your interest!

Melissa is the Britophile-in-Chief of Smitten by Britain, the world’s first blog for Britophiles. When she’s not blogging here you will most likely find her on Facebook or Twitter whilst enjoying a cup of tea.