Lego Sets for Anglophiles: How You Can Help Them Become Reality!

The following is a guest post.

Few toys are as timeless as the Lego brick. The famous building toy has charmed young and old alike for more than half a century, with kits featuring everything from castles to spaceships.  There’s truly something for everyone, including the Anglophile.

In the 1970s Lego manufactured miniaturized versions of a London double decker bus and a vintage Rolls-Royce.  First released in 2010, their most recent offering is a massive 4287 piece model of the iconic Tower Bridge.  Unfortunately, this is the only current option for those interested in sets with a British theme, but that could change….

Enter Lego CUUSOO, a website where people can vote for ideas they would like to see become real Lego sets.  In an interesting twist, all proposed projects on the site are designed by Lego fans as opposed to the Lego Group itself.

An idea needs 10,000 votes before it is even considered for production.  Once this magic number is achieved projects enter an intense review phase to determine their viability.  Ideas that make the cut are then slated for actual production!

So far, six ideas on CUUSOO have been realized as official Lego sets, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, a Japanese satellite, and a mech spacesuit.

One of the latest concepts to reach 10,000 votes is based on the hit British television show, Sherlock. This idea is currently under review and pending an official announcement from the Lego Group.

Interested in seeing Lego make new sets with a British flair?  To make your voice heard, please consider joining CUUSOO and vote for your favorite projects with a click of the “support” button.

Below are just a few such ideas on Lego CUUSOO which, with your help, could one day wind up on store shelves:

Queen Elizabeth II & the Gold State Coach:

The Gold State Coach is one of the most revered carriages used by the ruling monarch.  This Lego version features lots of special metallic gold pieces, eight horses and a three piece royal marching band.  It even includes a younger version of the Queen in commemoration of her 1953 coronation.

Imperial State Crown (By: “viperboy1012”):

Speaking of Her Majesty, who wouldn’t want to build this iconic piece from the Crown Jewels?  This large-scale model doesn’t skimp on the details, with the “jewels” being made up of translucent colored bricks.

Mr. Bean’s Car (By: “alanboar”):

The character of Mr. Bean is known the world over for his hilarious antics.  This concept is based on the famous scene in which he drives his car while sitting on the roof.  Fans of Mr. Bean should delight in miniature versions of Mr. Bean, his British Leyland Mini, and even Teddy!

British Phone Booth (By: “tea__spoon”):

The red telephone box has remained an instantly recognizable element of British infrastructure.  This large-scale model is simply stunning and is designed with display in mind.  It also features a working door.

RC Minifig Scaled Routemaster (By: “Gabor”):

Gabor’s London bus presents a feat of engineering.  It is built to scale for those lovable Lego minifigures, yet manages to also incorporate remote control features, including working steering!

Lego Architecture – Angel of the North (By: “Concore”):

This is a miniature representation of the famous sculpture designed by Antony Gormley.  It was completed in 1998 and can be seen driving through Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

Matthew Hocker has been an avid Lego enthusiast since age four and enjoys building original models in his free time.  His most recent project was the Gold State Coach which he uploaded to Lego CUUSOO.  Among his list of other creations have been an American Civil War battlefield, a host of antique cars, and an American prohibition era gangster hideout.  To follow Matthew on Twitter visit: @BrickadierG


  1. viperboy1012 says

    Thanks for supporting my LEGO design. I’m the one who created the Imperial State Crown. Do you use MLCad for LEGO building at all?

    Coincidentally I’m studying in the U.K. right now for my Masters and is quite an experience.

  2. says

    Glad to write about and support it. It’s definitely a standout model. Hope it takes off!

    I’ve never used MLCad before because I feel like it’s above my head…That, and I don’t know if the patience would be there. How steep’s the learning curve?

    That’s cool that you get to spend some time in England. Where are you originally from? Good luck with your Masters!