It’s Time for a Cuppa Tea

It’s time for a cuppa tea indeed – my favourite drink, my sustenance throughout the day. I reckon I consume at least at least 8 cups a day including English breakfast, green tea and black iced tea – straight no sugar please!

I love tea

I do!

So when I found this beautiful graphic below I was happy to read about the benefits of a cuppa on your health as well as some other very interesting statistics. For me, drinking it just isn’t about the taste of the tea but about enjoying the ritual of making a cup and settling down to drink it. It’s meditative and comforting. Anything can be made better by a cuppa!

Do you drink tea – the Nectar of the Gods as I call it? What’s your average daily consumption?

It’s time for a cuppa… – An infographic by the team at London Office Space


  1. says

    Hello, Jean, I loved your post about tea! The information is so very English–especially the fact that so many English people make tea for each other. I have visions of the great British tea-cart wheeled out at work, if that still happens.

    I hope you don’t mind that I put a link to this post onto my blog, The Year of Living Englishly.

    I have a post about tea, and thought a link to yours would be a nice addition. Please take a look, and let me know what you think! All best, Virginia

  2. Stacey Burnaroos says

    Well I’ve said it before, I’m a Big Tea drinker also. I don’t stray away from my usual brand that oftn unless my regulr grocers out of Tetley’s, Red Rose will do in a pinch, but back in November, in our local import store, Trader Joe’s, I found a couple of nice choices, very reasonably priced, an Irish breakfast, and their English breakfast store brand, both really nice!! The Irish is alot stronger, good for afternoon, and the English a nice smooth morning brew!! Alway milk first, no sugar! I Think I mentioned to you Melissa, in a previous post, how my Welsh Dad used to top off our baby’s formula with tea, in our morning bottle to warm it up, now after reading your Tea statistics chart today, it seems he may have been doing us a great service to our health!! Lol, No breast cancer Anywhere in all the British women in my huge family!! Thank-you God and Dad too!! Tea, I live on it, TaDa xxx

  3. Stacey Burnaroos says

    Oh I’ve just remembered a little ditty my Mum used to sing to us at tea time when we were kids, we were always allowed tea, even as children, and it goes something like this:
    I like a nice cuppa tea in the morning,
    And a nice cuppa tea at lunch,
    At half past eleven, my idea of heaven is a nice cuppa tea,
    I like a nice cuppa tea with my dinner,
    And a nice cuppa tea with my tea,
    And when It’s time for bed, there’s alot to be said,
    For nice cuppa tea!!!


  4. Sarah Clark says

    Trying to stick to one of my resolutions this year of drinking more tea for health and general well-being in 2013! Happily, this is one resolution that has been a pleasure to maintain. Chai has become a personal favorite, but have yet to try one I haven’t liked!

  5. Michael Ames says

    About ten cups a day. I use a small pot so that I can top up as I drink. Tetleys or Yorkshire, Marks and Spencers if I go in there. Warm the pot. One bag. Five minute brew. Nice china cup. Milk in first. No sugar. Drink as hot as you can stand it. Result: happiness.

  6. says


    We’ve just come across your (very cool) blog from the UK. We’re a charity and our main fundraising campaign is called Time for a Cuppa! (

    We LOVE your infographic. Good for the body but also good for the soul.

    We’d really appreciate it if you could blog/tweet/make any noise about the campaign if you find it interesting.


  7. says

    I’m definitely a tea drinker; I even lead a tea hobby group in my local area! I started drinking tea fairly regularly when at university, and a friend and I used to go antiques shopping (mostly just looking around because we couldn’t afford anything) and then to a tea shop every month or so. Then I studied in England the summer before I graduated, and that only confirmed my love for tea! I don’t usually add anything to my cup of tea, except for when I have Earl Grey, which I like with a slice of lemon, and English Breakfast, which I like with milk but no sugar (or only a little bit). Recently I discovered chai concentrate (just mix with cold milk) and drank that all through last summer.

  8. says

    Wow, so much info here: I love it! Fascinating that 24 minutes per day are spent getting it.
    Also glad to see I’m with the 96% who make it from a bag… leaves are all very well, but too much hassle for yours truly. I probably have around 6 cups per day. My guilty secret is, if I’m using a “rare” teabag (that is, one I bought in the UK and flew back to California), I have a tendency to use it twice to make it stretch further.

  9. Polly says

    I loved reading this (but then I am a Brit)! I travelled up the coast of California over Xmas and New Year (I loved Cali so much), and reading this just reminded me of a moment in the hotel room in L.A when me and my mates thought the maid had accidentally thrown out the stash of teabags we’d brought along with us from home – the sheer panic that we might not get to have our morning cup of tea was off-the-scale stereotypically British! Anyone would have thought our passports had gone missing! Oh and the relief when we found them – what complete and utter tea junkies!

  10. Sophie says

    Hi Melissa!

    This is a great article! I can’t believe the different between the amount of tea and the amount of coffee getting drunk each day – I didn’t realise there would be that much of a difference! Crazy!

  11. says

    I drink probably between 8 -10 cups per day…these aren’t your average teacups though. I drink it out of a huge glass cup/mug. I have so much tea in my pantry that it looks like it’s from an episode of Hoarders. Yes, I have a problem… (*_*)

  12. Caroline says

    Fabulous article. :)

    Tea really is the best drink of the day and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea every time (can you get that in the US?); oh and do try Portsmouth Tea as well (they are on Facebook)

    Caroline x

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