Call the Midwife Christmas Special

I’m so thankful for Christmas specials. As is the case with most of my favorite shows, there is a huge wait from late fall to early spring when either the new series begins or the current series commences. So for me, Christmas specials are like a lovely, little gift to help tide me over and bridge the gap across the months of waiting.


The Call the Midwife Christmas special certainly fit the bill and got me excited for Series 2, which begins in March. It was quite endearing how the special, while set during the Holiday season, didn’t focus exclusively on the festivities. Like real-life nurses and expectant mothers the world over, duties and life do not stop for the Holidays. If a mother goes into labor in the wee hours of Christmas morning, the midwives will be on their bicycles, peddling toward their patients.

Chummy putting together the Christmas play

Nurse Lee (Jessica Raine) also encounters a bedraggled, flea-infested woman named Mrs. Jenkins. The raw conditions of Mrs. Jenkins’ home and body pull the wool from the viewers eyes, and from Nurse Lee’s. In this special about the season of hope and new beginnings, Nurse Lee goes beyond what many may hail the “call of duty,” to literally take away the old and dying from Mrs. Jenkins, clean her body and spirit, and give her peace about life.

It’s difficult for me to watch this show without tears threatening to run mascara down my face; How thankful I am for Chummy! Miranda Hart is simply spectacular as the genuine, undeniable Chummy; She has a certain ingenuity in portraying such an indelible, fiery spirit who never misses a comedic beat. It’s pure joy to watch.

Behind the Scenes of the Christmas Special

The Christmas special has done nothing but endear me to the nuns and nurses at Nonnatus House even more so than before as I impatiently watch the weeks tick by until Season 2.


The world may seem a very small place nowadays with technology connecting the far corners of the earth, but I am reminded of how vast it really is and how much I have still to discover when a show like this comes along. If not for Midwife, I may never have known of London midwives, workhouses, or the incredible spirit of the women in the East End in the 1950’s.


Season 2 begins March 31st

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    I can’t think of when I have enjoyed a show so much! I had just finished reading the book the series is based on right before the program aired, and I think that made it even more special. I have watched it twice and I am sure I will watch it at least one more time before season two airs. And I think Chummy is the greatest!

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    Miranda Hart is simply fantastic in the show. I loved her steady advocation for Lynette with her parents. Everyone I know who watches the show agrees that Chummy is the heart and soul of the show.

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