Animals in War Memorial

With Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day just passed, I thought it appropriate to share this image as the British Photo of the Week.

The Animals in War Memorial is located on the edge of Hyde Park in London and is dedicated to the millions of animals lost in service during the two World Wars. It’s estimated that at least eight million horses and mules died during this time as well as countless dogs and pigeons. The contribution made by horses was the subject of the recent play and subsequent film by Stephen Spielberg, War Horse.

This gorgeous memorial was dedicated by HRH The Princess Royal in 2004. You can learn more about its history and dedication by visiting the Animals in War Memorial site.



  1. Virginia Smith says

    Thanks for sharing this lovely photo. A note to your readers: the Spielberg film War Horse is horrible–avoid it at all costs–it’s a sappy, Hollywoodized version. The play is wonderful and moving. See it if you can!

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