A Special Message for My Facebook Followers

If you follow Smitten by Britain through Facebook, this post is for you. Last week it came to my attention that most of you are not seeing my Facebook posts 100% of the time. (Try visiting my page and see how many posts you missed!)


This is due to a change that took place some time ago that I only became aware of when this started happening on my page last week:

facebook post
As you can see, this post, which I posted this morning on Facebook, only reached 49 people out of the approximate 1700 followers I have on Facebook! So, chances are, YOU will miss this post if you only follow my blog through Facebook.

So how do I get ALL of my followers to see this post?  You see that Promote button on the bottom right? Facebook now wants me to click this button and PAY in order to promote this post to 100% of my followers. (By the way, you won’t see this happening on your own personal Facebook page. These changes are only to Fan Pages and Business Pages and only the Admins of those pages can see this.)

This is a change I am not happy about and a practice I will not be supporting! As a Facebook user myself, I am upset that I may not be seeing all of the posts from pages that I have followed as well. I’m sure that when you chose to LIKE my Facebook page, you did so in order to see ALL of my posts, not just the ones Facebook wants you to see. (Read more about these changes here.)


To make sure you never miss a single one of my posts, you can do one of the following:

1. Make a Facebook List and add my blog to it. Here’s how to make a list.  Once you’ve made that list, you’ll need to check it daily to see my posts.

2. Sign up for my newsletter so you NEVER miss a post! Sign up below.

3. Follow me on Twitter (@smittnbybritain) or Google+.  You will never miss a post there!

4. You can also use a blog reader like Bloglovin’ to follow me as well.

I hope I haven’t confused you too much; I’m still figuring this out myself.  Just know that if you are following me on Facebook only, chances are, you’re missing some of my posts.

If you have further questions, leave me a comment and I’ll try to get back to you.  If I learn anything new that I think you need to know, I’ll update you here.

Thanks for your patience!


M. x


  1. says

    Actually the issue isn’t that they want you pay to promote it – it’s that Facebook’s algorithm’s now punish you for using automated posting services like NetworkedBlogs. We discovered this earlier in the year and switched to posting articles ourselves.

    They want you to post articles manually as it creates better engagement (and you’ll get more legs out of the reach number).

    Even doing that you’ll only reach 30-40% of your fans on FB unless you pay. It’s pretty shitty especially for people who have invested a lot in Facebook.

    But it is what it is.

    • smittenbybritain says

      I manually post all the time Jonathan, in fact, I post more manually than any other way, still the reach is pretty piss poor compared to the total number of followers. I also think it’s crappy to take money from people who bought Facebook advertising and then not allow them to access all the followers they gained through that advertising. Thankfully, I only chose to do that for a few weeks so they didn’t get very much out of me. They won’t be getting money out of me this way either.

  2. T says

    Thanks for this info! I was seeing all of yours (probably because I click on your FB page or come here through it nearly every day), but I couldn’t figure out why the other pages I liked were hit or miss, or missing altogether, even though I had “Show in news feed” checked. Creating a list has now given me tons of posts I missed. Thank you! I hope things work out for you without having to pay :(

  3. says

    So we at The Bee’s Knees are working to figure this out! Jonathan, when you mentioned the 30-40% reach are users not seeing items because items they are getting buried in people’s news feeds or they are just not being put on people’s feeds at all. That’s the one part we can’t work out. Thanks!

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